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Bluemont Equine Rescue & Sanctuary

Photography Opportunities and Fundraisers at Bluemont Sanctuary 

Bluemont Equine Sanctuary - About Me



Hi! I'm Linda!  So glad you are here!  It means that you are most likely... Like ME!!  I am also a horse lover!   Are you?


I’ve been drawn to photography, sunsets, beaches and horses all my life.  I think it’s built into my DNA as my grandmother and mom are from Vieques Puerto Rico.  Horses roam free there and are often seen wondering on the beaches and coast line.  I love to visit the tiny island off the mainland and sit on the beach and watch them un-saddled and galloping on the coast line.   Often,  I would hear a herd galloping in the distance heading towards me, I would turn to look at them and marvel at how beautiful and care free they seem.  

 So breathtaking.
I grew up in Brooklyn, raised my two children in Queens, eventually moving to New Jersey, seeking more access to the outdoors and escaping from the city life.   While living in Queens I introduced my then 12 year old son to horses and he too became enchanted with them.  He volunteered at a stable located in Forest Hills where he spent most of his free time when he was not on a baseball field or park.  His oldest son Leonardo, is now also a horse lover and volunteers at a local horse farm in West Palm Beach where they now call home.  
A few years ago, I stumbled onto a flyer when scoping out potential farms I could possibly work with to host holiday sessions.   After visiting their website and learning more about their mission I reached out to them and asked to meet with them and they were kind enough to invite me to visit the farm.  Upon setting foot I instantly knew Bluemont was special.  I was smitten!!!  I often refer to it as Heaven on Earth.  The owners, their children, and volunteers are so dedicated to the mission and well being of all the animals that call the farm home.  It’s truly inspiring to walk through the farm and soak in the beauty of a world class rescue farm.  
Soon after, I became a sponsor and fell in love with every horse and the Bluemont mission.  I am learning so much about horses and I have embraced the Bluemont philosophy as my own.  There is no doubt or question that they truly are dedicated to the animals under their care.
I love capturing patrons, volunteers and horses interacting with the horses at the farm.  You can often spot me walking the grounds with one or two cameras capturing the beauty of horses living rescue life.  It’s truly heaven. 
Timeless Image is committed to supporting and fundraising for this sanctuary.   Photographing newborns is my first passion, supporting these animals is a close second and doing so is truly fulfilling. 
I hope to see and capture you at Bluemont soon!

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