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Hi There! I’m  Linda!

I started my photography journey long before becoming professional. I have owned a camera for as long as I can remember. I enjoyed bringing my camera along to parks, parties and family gatherings. At that time there was no internet, photoshop,  Facebook or Instagram. That was a very long time ago. Throughout the years, while living in NYC and raising my children I would often have a camera at hand and developed an eye for composition, light and sensing a moment that should be documented for a lifetime.  

Fast forward,  we moved to New Jersey.  Both time and my first grandchild, Leonardo created the perfect timing for my newborn photography journey. I started shooting Leo often and creating customized setups, printing my favorite images on large canvas. Soon I was photographing other children. I studied extensively under Ana Brandt. Often traveling to NY, California or wherever I could catch up with her! Ana is an international celebrity photographer who shoots and educates! I have learned so much from Ana and I am proud to be one of her associates,  trainers, ambassadors and the NJ Dealer for her Brand. She has mentored me and now I want to mentor YOU!  

I am passionate about in person learning, in person workshops and clinics.   I have found I learn the best and the most when learning in person. This is why I want to offer in person mentoring (either at my Studio or yours). I can and want to help with all areas of newborn photography such as Baby Safety, wrapping, posing, lighting, camera settings and all the tricks I have learned along the way!    

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One On One Mentoring

At Timeless Image by LM Studio or yours (preferably yours)

One on One mentoring is customized to your needs.   If you’re new to photography, we will go over all the basics and if you’re more advanced in your photography journey,  there may be areas you may be struggling with.  The session will focus more on those areas.  As an example with Maternity,  posing and lighting for the pose you look to capture can often be challenging.  Often times you can go blank in the middle of a session.  Trust me, it happens.  I can help develop a workflow with transitioning poses to achieve your goals.   

There are many advantages of in person 1x1 mentoring at your studio.  I will go over your studio setup.  Provide recommendations and assess your equipment and space to obtain optimum results when photographing Maternity and Newborns.  However, if you are a traveling photographer we conduct the session at my studio.

Maternity - Topics include lighting, posing, workflow and transitioning from one pose to another.

Newborn - Topics include lighting, soothing and handling a baby, wrapping, simple and/or advanced posing and transitioning. 



One 3 Hour Session - One Model - $275

Two 3 Hour Sessions - $500

One 7 Hour Session - Two Models - $450

Two 7 Hour Sessions - $800



Workshops are small focus groups.  Workshops, as listed will cover just the topics as listed.  This allows me to work more closely with each of you in the areas you want to cover.  My goal is to ensure each attending photographer will walk away with a better understanding to achieve the results they are seeking. 

All Timeless Image by LM workshops are limited to 6 photographers.

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